Environmental Policy Statement 2016 - Corporate Policy EMS-E16

As a responsible supplier we take care to protect and mitigate our environmental impact and during 2016 we will be working with our affiliated companies, within the Joseph Parr Group, to ensure that we continue to develop and improve our business and service.


As part of our continuing development we have a set of initial objectives which have been implemented in our Stoke-on-Trent and Telford branches:


  • We monitor and aim to improve our services to all of our customers by recognising and understanding environmental legislation and its application within our industry sector.  We will also work with 'Best Practice' guidance which has been developed not only by the construction industry but also by any other relevant sectors which have made significant improvements.


  • We aim to minimise pollution by controlling and providing mitigation for any negative impact on the environment which occurs as a direct result of our business.  We aim to do this primarily by sensibly ordering, providing accurate guidance and by managing our energy and fuel use with a view to reduce consumption.


  • We activiely use journey planning and real-time traffic information to make informed decisions about our delivery routes.  In addition to these larger concerns we also appreciate that the local areas are equally important and we will mitigate any environmental impact at source; for example by wheel washing before leaving external sites and regularly maintaining our vehicles to minimise oil leaks, therefore reducing possible contaminated run-off.


  • We have introduced 'paper-less working' as much as practicable to minimise our paper waste from both our branches.  In addition, we recycle consumables and packaging where possible, our waste is separated by our waste contractor and as a result minimal waste is sent to landfill.


  • We will order, whenever possible, sustainable products such as Chain of Custody registered timber.  Our certificates are available upon request.


  • We actively encourage lean construction and new building materials and applications and we will continue to promote new technology, building and engineering solutions and knowledge sharing of sustainalbe applications.


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our colleagues of their responsibilities and to encourage all colleagues to participate in all environmental discussion and applications as we move our business forward.


Lastly , we would like to show our support to our customers.  We are very proud to work with sustainable contractors and reputable companies who act with attentiveness and implement sustainable solutions.  Our promise to our customers is that we will strive to combine our environmental considerations into all aspects of our business with the aim of providing the best possible service.