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Fischer Nylon Toggle DUOTEC Cavity Fixing and Screw - Size 10 - Box of 20

(Code: 31FIS0070)
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Fischer Nylon Toggle DUOTEC Cavity Fixing and Screw - Size 10 - Box of 20Fischer Nylon Toggle DUOTEC Cavity Fixing and Screw - Size 10 - Box of 20

 ▪ FUNCTIONING  ▪ The DUOTEC anchor is suitable for pre-positioned installation. ▪ Easy installation using a standard 10 mm drill. ▪ The toggle element of the plug automatically toggles behind the board and gives it its strength. ▪ In drill holes in solid building materials, such as concrete and wood, the plug works like an expansion plug. ▪ Thanks to the short toggle element, the plug is also suitable for narrow, even with mineral wool insulated cavities with depths from 50 mm, uninsulated from 40 mm and boards from 9.5 mm thicknesses. ▪ The flexible, stainless steel screw holder allows wood screws, chipboard screws or metric hooks with lock nuts to be used. 

▪ ADVANTAGES ▪ Small drill hole diameter (10 mm) and short toggle element (39 mm) for easy installation in narrow, also insulated cavities. ▪ Fibre-glass reinforced 2-component toggle element and collar-sleeve for high tensile and shear loads. ▪ No cutting-in and therefore no weakening of the plasterboard. ▪ Flexible screw holder for chipboard screws or threaded rods with lock nuts. ▪ Also usable as an expansion plug for drill holes in solid materials like concrete or wood. ▪ Easy pre-assembly - collar-sleeve prefixes plug without screw. ▪ Several parallel fixing points with small distances possible. ▪ Multiple screwing in and out of the screw is possible.

▪ APPLICATIONS ▪ Kitchen hanging cabinets ▪ Living room cabinets ▪ Shelves ▪ Wardrobes ▪ Handrails ▪ Pictures ▪ Mirrors ▪ Lamps 

▪ BUILDING MATERIALS ▪ Gypsum plasterboard ▪ Gypsum fibreboard ▪ Wooden panels, such as OSB boards, chipboard, MDF sheets ▪ Steel plates ▪ Plastic boards ▪  Also functioning in: Solid materials, such as concrete and wood